Best Van Camping Spots in Southern California

A White Sprinter Van being used at a campsite near a lake and two campers in folding chairs with geese nearby

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Alabama Hills Recreation Area

One of the biggest draws for campers is the hills’ distinctively rounded rocks and picturesque views. This site has served as an impeccable setting for photography and movies for years. Van campers can adore and view the same sights for just $8 a night.

Emma Wood State Beach

This area is perfect for surfing, wandering, and getting lost in nature and all it has to offer. In addition, there aren’t any restrooms, electricity, or fire rings, making it ideal for mainly camping and outdoor enthusiasts.

This site only permits overnight camping for self-contained vehicles making it a haven for van campers.

Alder Creek Dispersed Camping

This location is an excellent option for van camping on a budget. There are free campsites scattered throughout while also being nearby Sequoia National Forest.

With a limited number of restrooms and tight fire regulations, you are guaranteed a safe and authentic van camping trip when you stay here.

San Mateo Campground

This location has many amenities, including picnic tables, a fire pit, campground flush toilets, a dump station, and coin-operated showers. This area is a great choice for anyone searching for something close to the seaside also.

Surfing, fishing, and kayaking are very popular here. So if you don’t mind spending a little bit extra for all these benefits, you can register and pay your camping charge in advance on the state park website.

Giant Rock

The Giant Rock is free to camp there and is at a fantastic location due to the incredible rocky scenery around the gorgeous desert, with multiple places to park your camper van.

Due to its remote location and low cost, you will need to pack everything you need in your camper van. Not to mention that most of its roads are made of sand and dirt, so keep all this in mind before planning a trip to this location.

This location is ideal for camp lovers and those who want an experience purely focused on the wildlife and their natural surroundings.

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