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2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van vs. Competition

Dark colored Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van driving on a dirt road in a wooded area

You can stay on top of things and keep your business operations smooth with the 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter crew van. The new Sprinter Crew van offers a luxurious ride with added cutting-edge technologies and convenience. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Crew Van is a staple in the collection of upscale vans and continues to provide top-notch quality…

2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Sprinter Cargo Van vs. Competition

Three outfitted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Vans in front of a brick building

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo van is the latest cargo van that offers everything you need to keep your equipment organized and your crew members happy. There are multiple commercial vehicles out there that can do the job, but why stop there? The 2022 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is distinct and a cut above the rest….

Best Van Camping Spots in Southern California

A White Sprinter Van being used at a campsite near a lake and two campers in folding chairs with geese nearby

Shop our new Cargo Van Inventory Alabama Hills Recreation Area One of the biggest draws for campers is the hills’ distinctively rounded rocks and picturesque views. This site has served as an impeccable setting for photography and movies for years. Van campers can adore and view the same sights for just $8 a night. Emma…

How to Choose the Best Van for Your Business?

Painter working out of his new Sprinter Van

Shop New Sprinter Vans Using a cargo van for work can make things so much easier, but only if you pick the right one. This is especially important since your business is your livelihood and how you make money. We all know this, but do we really know what we are looking for in our…

2022 Sprinter Van Color Options

Velvet Red Cargo Van driving on the road around two fields of green grass

Sprinter Cargo vans are usually bought for work, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or branding. Sprinter vans are notable for their high-quality interior design and durable parts. But with a van like this being so vital to your business, why not add more character to the exterior? We are so…

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Plumber Upfit Solutions

Sprinter Cargo Van Storage

If you are struggling with your work as a plumber and are sporting a full and cluttered work van, then it is safe to say that the problem is not you. The problem is how your van is structured. Luckily, tons of specialized Sprinter upfit solutions can make your job 10x easier. Here at Walter’s…

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van HVAC Upfit Solutions

Upfitted Sprinter Vans at Worksite

  Do you work in HVAC and struggle to keep your work vehicle organized, tidy, and functional? If you find your work van being more of a pain to be in, let’s talk about HVAC upfit solutions for your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van. Here at Walter’s Mercedes-Benz Sprinter of Riverside, we want to help. The latest…

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Electrician Upfit Solutions

Upfitted Sprinter Van Electrician

Imagine more space for all the wires, tools, and equipment you need to do your job right—no more stumbling and trying to walk over thick cables in the back of your electrician work van. With the newer Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van, you can have the highest level of comfort and practicality with electrician upfit solutions perfect…

Join Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Team at Adventure Van Expo

The Metris Getaway Van with rooftop tent on beach

Shop for New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Van life can be exciting and thrilling but also tricky and considered a big commitment. Selecting the van is imperative since its vehicle will not operate as your transportation but also as your home. In short, if you are going to do van life. You got to do it…

2022 Sprinter Cargo Van Transmission Options

sprinter cargo van transmission options

2022 Sprinter Cargo vans feature two available transmissions to keep up with productivity and are more than ready to produce power and efficiency. The two available transmissions for Sprinter Cargo vans are: 7G-Tronic Plus 7-Speed Automatic Transmission – The low first gear and overdrive high gear in the Sprinter’s 7-speed automatic transmission help you accelerate…

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