All-New Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Van

The all-new eSprinter offers the same versatility and capabilities that one has come to expect from the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter line-up with one big difference, it boasts a battery-electric drive system which equates to a more sustainable emission free fleet vehicle. This electric cargo van is expected to arrive sometime in 2023, contact us to learn more.

Up to 150 kW Power
Up to 113 kWh Battery Capacity
Up to 9.6 kW Charging Power AC
Up to 50 / 115 kW Charging Power DC
170” Wheelbase
Max. 488 cu ft Cargo Volume

The motor found in the new eSprinter van is available in two power levels: a standard output model 100 kW or a high output model with 150 kilowatts. What that equates to in terms of range is about 248.5 miles based on a simulation using the WLTP cycle. Obviously real-world factors and conditions will impact actual numbers, but that’s still ample distance for longer journeys. A rear-wheel drive system is standard for both.

In terms of charging, the all-new eSprinter is capable of charging with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).

AC Charging Power/Time:

  • AC Charge time is 0-100% battery
  • 9.6 kW/ – 12-13 hours

DC Charging Power/Time*:

  • DC Charge time is 10-80% battery
  • 115 kW/ – 42 minutes (optimal)
  • 50 kW/ – 93 minutes

The first eSprinter available in the United States will be a long cargo van with a high roof. As with all Sprinter vans, this one will be just as functional and comfortable for work or play with features such as:

  • Body builder connector
  • 270 degree rear doors with 90 degree stop
  • Electrically Adjustable Seats
  • Remote cabin convenience and pre-conditioning
  • Smartphone tray with wireless charging
  • THERMOTRONIC automatic climate control
  • Max Cargo Volume: 488 cu ft
  • And more…

eSprinter drivers will be able to make full use of the MBUX Multimedia System with a 10.25-inch touch screen. Navigation with “Electric Intelligence” provides route planning assistance. For example, it will display the current real-time range based on the current traffic situation and topography of the route. It can then calculate the best possible charging strategy to get to the destination as quickly as possible, or to have the desired state of charge (SoC) at said stop.

Clearly the cutting edge technology isn’t just limited to under the hood, advanced features for your safety are also aplenty. Assistance systems include Blind Spot Assist, a digital rearview mirror, and active brake assist.

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*Charging: Maximum peak charging capacity at DC charging station with a supply voltage of 400 volts, 300 A; the maximum charging capacity is dependent on diverse factors such as, e.g. ambient and battery temperature and the charge status of the battery when starting to charge.

Minimum charging time of 10 to 80% under optimum conditions at DC charging station with a supply voltage of 400 volts, 300 A; the charging time can vary depending on diverse factors such as e.g. ambient and battery temperature and due to the use of additional auxiliary consumers such as e.g. heating.

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